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Master Experience
Direct inschrijven
locatie:Dealu Negru
datum: 10 november 2018
prijs: by donation
with SATISH KUMAR & movers & shakers from all over the world.
7 – 10 pm (vegetarian goulash from 6 pm)
(English speaking, translation into Romanian of some important parts; entry by donation)

Murmuration 2018 Romania

From 8th – 11th November an international Schumacher gathering will be held in Dealu Negru (Călățele, Cluj) to celebrate and strengthen connections, meet new friends, and share gifts and talents. Participants will also have an opportunity to engage with local people and the natural/cultural landscape, weaving their connection with each other and with the world at large. The gathering is an alumni/student led initiative, in collaboration with a local team (Transilvania Retreat Center, Provision Transylvania, Topa Farm, including the support of the local council of Călățele), and follows on from last year’s Schumacher College alumni meetings in Belgium, Germany, and the UK. This year the gathering takes place in Transylvania, and for the first time ever it will include a three day pilgrimage, which will unfold through the Apuseni Mountains, from Rachitele to Vladeasa and Alunișu/ Sâncraiu.  

Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar, one of the founders of Schumacher College, and his wife June, have been called by the Romanian wilderness, and will be joining the Transylvania gathering and pilgrimage. Satish is a former monk and long-term peace and environment activist who has been quietly setting the Global Agenda for change for over 50 years. He was just nine when he left his family home to join the wandering Jains and 18 when he decided he could achieve more back in the world, campaigning for land reform in India and working to turn Gandhi’s vision of a renewed and a peaceful world into reality. In 1973 Satish settled in the United Kingdom taking up the post of editor of Resurgence Magazine. Since then, he has been the guiding spirit behind a great number of now internationally respected ecological and educational ventures, including Schumacher College. On Saturday 10th November in the evening, Satish will share his experiences during a public meeting at the conference hall BIA in Dealu Negru.

Sharing powerful stories & initiatives
Public gathering Saturday 10th November 2018 from 6pm, Dealu Negru

As part of their international alumni gathering, Schumacher College Alumni would love to share powerful stories of renewal in society, and initiatives from people and organizations from all over Europe and the world.

The mayor of Călățele will kindly provide vegetarian goulash for all guests from around 6 pm. The gathering will start at 7pm. There is no entrance fee, however we are inviting a voluntary donation to support the costs incurred in organizing the event. Those who travel from afar may wish to spend the night in Pension in Dealu Negru.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Ingrid Cozma, Li An Phoa, Veronique Severijns, Thomas Rossi, Delia Spatareanu

Liliana Valkenburg, Ivo Valkenburg, Lars Veraart, Robyn Veraart-Bors, Provision - Farm and Learning Center for Agroecology and Non-Violence, Tincuta Cismas and Dan Cismas (TOPA Organic Farm)