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7 Days. Deep Purification & Transformation.

Master Experience
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locatie:Dealu Negru (Organised by Jeroen Timmers)
datum: 14 - 21 March 2020
prijs: 1.595 euro
TREES: Birch Sap Retreat. 7 Days. Deep Purification & Transformation. In one of the most biodiverse regions of Europe. An initiative of Jeroen Timmers, the founder of Being Human on Earth and guides people into the unknown.

Visit here the website of Jeroen Timmers for all practical information and application

Being Human on Earth provides regenerative experiences to deeply reconnect us to the natural cycle. So we can take the valuable inspiration back into daily life & work.

During this retreat you will experience the benefits of a birch sap intermittent fast. As one of our colleagues supporting life on Earth, the Birch is a pioneer in recolonizing damaged ecosystems, and on a mythological level symbolises a sense of wonder & new beginnings.

It stirs the Earth’s water cycle in very early spring, transmuting it into fresh oxygen. It’s medicinal effects on the human organism are parallel; it primarily targets the kidneys & liver, responsible for detoxification of our own (emotional) fluids & metabolism. The result? Clarity of mind and deep cellular regeneration.

We’ve put together a program that deeply regenerates your health, helping you to cut through the clutter of mind fog and reclaim responsibility for your life choices. With lectures on anatomy, life & growth cycles, embodied exercises, silent walks, sauna, star gazing and guidance by an expert team of facilitators, this once-a-year journey is not to be missed.

There’s a maximum # of 8 participants to ensure proper attention for every individual.

If you want:
– Clarity of mind & direction of life & business.
– To deepen your emotional intelligence & embodiment.
– To regenerate the health of your body.
– To deepen your relation to the natural world.

Day 1      Arrival
Day 2-6  Start of Fasting period, first tap of trees, rituals, daily Movement Practice, Lectures,  Meridian Massage, Forest Bathing & Coaching throughout the retreat.
Day 7      End of Intermittent Fasting Period & return to Cluj-Napoca

Includes healthy vegetarian food, 6 nights stay, full participation in the program. Excluding flight to Cluj-Napoca, incl. transfer from Airport to Dealu Negru.

Max # Participants: 8

For more information, call Jeroen: 0031 (0)6 51 979 000
or mail