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Experience the Healing Power of a Soul Journey 
with Liliana Valkenburg-Baumann

People from all over Europe know to find her little wooden hut. She is well known for her Soul Journey, a one hour massage for body, mind, heart and soul. She developed it herself. Years ago, a heavy car accident changed the course of her life. A nearly death experience inspired her to revisit planet Earth in a new, meaningful way. She changed her career as a building engineer into a professional yoga teacher. After a long term, she picked out one of more than thousand techniques and developed it year by year by herself ... into what she calls nowadays a Soul Journey. With a healing touch of her hands, it allows Divine Energy, which is beyond existence and non-existence, to flow over you. With this holistic treatment, she makes many people feel well and happy.

Lili: "Some people just experience a deep kind of relaxation, others feel a kind of intimacy with themselves that they were longing for since a long time. In general the Soul Journey is experienced as a reminder of who you truly are. Also obstacles and blockades for sadness, depression and all sorts of pain become clear, so do practical solutions to solve it."

Therapeutic Practice 

In addition to the Soul Journey, and together with other professionals on the field of health and well-being, Lili offers a therapeutic practice where people can consult on all kind of important life & health issues. Lili guides people through the jungle of health professionals and empowers them to connect to the Source inside of each human being. Early 2020, Lili started a new chapter in her therapeutical practice. In addition to her soul journey massage, she has become a student in Shiatsu Zen, a healing technique deeply rooted in and inspired by the long and rich tradition of Eastern medicine.

Retreats and more 

A 3 to 5 days visit to Transilvania Retreat Center helps many people to find back the power within themselves, regain clarity on all that truly matters in life. How come so many people return home so fulfilled and happy? 'It's mainly the healing power of nature. We are surrounded by the forest. Nature is the best medicine for being your essence. With a little extra like healthy food, nice movement and fun, miracles happen ... but they are not really miracles ... it's an awakening of the Divine power within ourselves", according to Lili. 

Call for bookings or more information 

You can reach Lili by phone: +40 (0) 723 541 369 

or send an email to: 


Liliana Iceland

Liliana Valkenburg - Baumann (Facebook page)

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