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Remember who you are!

We believe that the purpose of life is to be restored back to Love, moment to moment.

In the midst of our crazy world, we often tend to forget the divine origin in everything and
everybody. We are hardly able to maintain the belief that each human, each animal,
plant and everything that grows and blossoms, harbours a blueprint of that divine origin.
A blueprint which you and us can bring to life within ourselves. So that love, wisdom &
pure Inspiration can breathe through us once again. 

In order to effect this, we need not change anyone or anything around us.
We are not dependent on anyone or anything outside ourselves. This is a
fabrication that we have started to believe in on such a massive scale. That
is why you and us have begun to hand over so much of our autonomy to
all kind of belief systems, people and situations around us. 

The Kingdom of Heaven or Shrangri-la can only be found within ourselves. 
To discover that space within yourself and manifest it on earth & society,
we welcome you to beautiful Transilvania Retreat Center!